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Hoot Loans designed to meet your needs

Simple, straightforward loans designed with the needs of our members in mind

Hoot Credit Union provides affordable loans ranging from £200 to £15,000 at 12.7% - 42.6% APR, subject to status.

One of the features of our loans is that our members only pay interest on the reducing balance. This means that we only charge you interest on how much you have left to pay, not on how much you borrowed in the first place.

In the long run you simply pay less - and we won't charge you a penny for paying your loan back early!

You can also have peace of mind with our personal loans which have gained a 5 Star rating awarded by the Fairbanking Foundation.  To find out what the ratings mean for you, click on one of our personal loan products Handy Loan, Budget Loan, Premier Loan and check out our product features. 

When you borrow from Hoot you get a fair and good deal and support your community at the same time. Hoot is a community business that shares its profit with its savers, so saving whilst you repay your loan gives to a share of our success and supports us in keeping the money in our community.

Click here to read about our commitment to lending responsibly.

 More information about lending from Hoot can be found in our FAQs.


Having trouble paying your existing loan?

We know that from time to time people may struggle with money because of the demands of everyday life.  Loss of your job, unexpected expenses or other circumstances can sometimes overwhelm you and cause worry and stress about how you can keep up with payments. Sometimes we know that it is a short term problem and you just need a little time to get back on your feet.

Click here for what to do if you are struggling to keep up with your repayments.