About Hoot

Hoot Credit Union is a co-operative, community business offering ethical and affordable loans and savings to the people of Bolton and Bury.

Hoot exists to create a new way of offering financial services:

That’s fairer

More inclusive

Improves your financial well-being

Makes our local economies and communities stronger

Hoot is simply People Helping People

We’re 100% committed to improving your financial wellbeing whether it is providing affordable loans or giving you a safe place to save.

None of this could happen without you. You make it all possible, simply by coming together with other members to save and borrow with us.

Reasons to choose Hoot Credit Union

You have ownership

You are the shareholder and your interests and those of other members come first. Profits are shared amongst the members, not fat cat city investors.

You have a say

Members elect the Board of Directors to represent your interests. The Board report back to members at the annual general meeting.

It’s all about you and your community

Our staff understand what members want and everything we do is for the benefit of members and the local community.

We save you money

Hoot offers flexible savings and affordable loans at fair and responsible rates saving the community hundreds of thousands of pounds in loan interest.

The money saved by members is pooled together and used to offer low interest loans.

This is how we can offer an alternative source of credit at a fair rate of interest.

Save for the future

Members are encouraged to save for the future and in return, they receive affordable credit and access to low cost loans.

Paid back to members

The interest received on the loans pays for the administration of the credit union with any surplus being put into reserves to help grow the credit union, or paid back to the members in the form of a dividend (subject to credit union performance).

Savers and borrowers are essential

For this reason, both savers and borrowers are essential to a successful credit union. Members know that by saving with Hoot they are benefiting other people in the community or workplace.