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Payroll deduction with Hoot Credit Union is a convenient and efficient way for you to save money

Secure savings with access when you need them

Fair and affordable loans

Online account and app

Savings protected by the FSCS

Excellent customer service

Supporting your community

Bolton at Home

Monthly deductions are made directly from salary payments and transferred to your Hoot savings accounts.

Just so long as you are employed by Bolton at Home you can enjoy the benefits of joining Hoot Credit Union.

Whether you are a saver or a borrower you can be assured of a good deal, excellent service and the knowledge that you are helping others in your community to access fair and affordable finance.

Hundreds of Bolton at Home employees save with Hoot Credit Union through payroll and benefit from accessible savings and affordable loans. Many payroll members say that having a credit union account encourages them to resist the temptation to dip into savings thus saving more in the long run. The ability to save and repay loans by payroll deduction means many are less likely to miss payments and get into unmanageable debt.

Hoot Credit Union

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When you join Hoot we will help you arrange for payroll deductions from your employer.

They will tell us how much you are putting into your Hoot account and that will show on your payslip as Credit Union. Your funds are usually sent to your Hoot account on your usual payday.

Apply for a loan

If you select the join today button, you can apply for a loan at the same time.

Hoot offers loans from £200 to £15,000 at affordable rates. Thousands of Hoot members are saving by borrowing from Hoot rather than a high-cost lender.

But don’t worry, if you don’t want a loan right now, you can always apply for one later!

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If you already have payroll deduction in place and want to change the amount you pay click below to request your changes.