Financial Well-being

What does financial well-being look like?

Being in control of month-to-month spending

Having capacity to absorb financial shocks such as periods without work

Being confident that you are going to meet your goals

Having choices that let you enjoy life

Providing clarity and security for those you leave behind

Your goal to reaching financial well-being is to…

Understand how personal finance works

Save regularly

Not use credit for everyday essentials

Access debt advice when required

Plan for later life

Essential Living Expenses

  • Rent / Mortgage
  • Bills
  • Food
  • Transport to work

Discretionary Spending

  • Eating out
  • Shopping
  • Trips and holidays
  • Subscriptions

Financial Health

  • Paying off debt beyond minimum payments
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Pension fund

Helping you reach your financial well-being

Here are some tools that may help you reach your financial well-being goals.

Benefit calculator

Try our benefits calculator to see if you are missing out on any benefits you may be entitled to.

Savings calculator

Are you saving for a future bill? A new TV or car? Or just to have a bit in the bank?

The calculator can help you understand how long it will take to save a specific amount, or how much you need to save to have enough by a particular date.

Budget planner

Try this handy Budget Planner to analyse how much money you have coming in and what you’re spending it on.

Money navigator

Looking for Money Guidance but don’t know where to begin? The Money Helper Navigator Tool can help you find the help you need.

Cost of living

Whether you’re worried about rising rents, covering higher energy costs or tackling debt, here are useful tools, calculators and guides to help you keep on top of your money.

Debt advisor locator

Are you struggling to keep up with multiple debt repayments.

Try this useful debt advice locator.