Simple, Straightforward Loans

Hoot Credit Union provides affordable loans ranging from £200 to £15,000 starting from 12.7% APR, subject to status. One of the features of our loans is that our members only pay interest on the reducing balance. This means that, each time you make a repayment, we only charge you interest on how much you have left to pay, not on how much you borrowed in the first place.

Loans from £200 to £15,000

Rates from 12.7% to 42.6% on the reducing balance

Save while you borrow

No set up fees, late payment penalties or early settlement charges

Free life insurance on the loan

(subject to rules)

Hoot Credit Union

Loans designed with your needs in mind

Handy Loan

Loans up to £2,000 designed to help you manage unexpected expenses, household items or special purchases.

Budget Loan

Loans between £2001 and £10,000, there to help you meet those larger expenses such as holidays and home improvements.

Family Loan

Loans up to £750 helping you to manage your budget and support your financial well-being.


Borrow and secure your loan up to the value of your savings and get the best rate.

Premier Loan

Loans from £10,001 and £15,000 for people with a good credit rating, ideal for debt consolidation or car purchase.

Consolidation Loan

Consolidate up to £15,000 your existing debt into one affordable monthly repayment.

What do our clients say?



“I got my carpets with a Hoot loan and it makes you feel great when your home looks nice. I’m very pleased and it’s even better now I’m saving. Plus it means that if I need help in the future I can go back to Hoot. If I needed a new fridge, I can go to Hoot and get a brilliant deal. Getting my Hoot loan has made me feel a lot better!”

How do we make a decision?

Loan Decision Process

Please Note: If you already have a loan with Hoot you are not eligible to apply for any other loan.

Loans FAQ's

How will I know I am eligible to get a loan?

Each loan has its own eligibility criteria so check the page for the loan you want to apply for.

How much can I apply for?

The question should be – how much do I need? You should only apply for what you need; when you know that check the loan pages to find the right one for you.

How do you make a loan decision?

Every loan application we look at goes through the same process.

  • Affordability – we look at your income and expenditure and make sure you have enough left to make the repayments (and a bit more to spare)
  • Credit-worthiness – ALL Hoot loans are subject to a credit reference check. Having a poor credit rating won’t necessarily mean you won’t get a loan, but we must take it into account.
  • Your history with us – we take into account your good-standing with Hoot and your history of borrowing with us before.
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