Make A Fresh Start

Now we have all ridden the storm of pandemic and cost of living crisis, 2024 is the year to start building our financial resilience and making a Fresh Start.

Hoot is on a mission to improve the financial well-being of people in the community and we can start right here!

Make a Fresh Start by opening a Christmas Savings account

Building up for next Christmas can be the first step to reducing financial worry at a time when your finances are stretched.. In 2023, Hoot members had accumulated over £60,000 in Christmas savings and this year we want to make that £100,000. Find out more at

Make a Fresh Start by thinking about debt consolidation

Citizens Advice research shows that 37% of people have used Buy Now Pay Later in the last 12 months and 25% of people have failed to make the repayments. Usage increases enormously at Christmas and in January some of you may be faced with a higher number of BNPL repayments than planned.

The average spend on credit cards at Christmas is £672. If you pay only the monthly minimum on that amount it will take you 2 years and 11 months to repay and cost up to £180 in interest.

A debt consolidation loan will mean you can reduce your monthly outgoings to one easy repayment and help you to manage your debt more easily. See more here

Make a Fresh Start by improving your financial well-being

Use our benefit calculator, or our Money Navigator to see if you are missing out on valuable income, able to reduce your outgoings and to generally clean up your finances.

By starting early and planning ahead you could find that 2024 is the year you get back on track with your money.

1 Jan 2024

Author: David Batten, CEO
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