Payroll Plus Employers

Payroll Plus is a free, safe and simple way of building financial resilience in the workplace. Backed by Hoot Credit Union, it offers your employees affordable savings and loans directly from their salary at no risk to your company.

Being a good employer is good for business

Evidence from recent research shows that poor financial wellbeing has a negative impact on health – which can affect productivity, performance and attendance at work.

Payroll Plus can help improve the wellbeing of your employees – and build loyalty, too.

If you are an employer based in Bolton or Bury you can sign up to Payroll Plus in just a few weeks.

Hoot Credit Union

Payroll Saving & Affordable Loan Scheme

Providing your workforce with a payroll saving and affordable loan scheme as an employee benefit will encourage them to save regularly and manage their money better, helping your employees and your community to access fair finance contributes to your corporate social responsibility policy and increases the range of employee benefits you provide.

Simple to set up and efficient to operate, Payroll Plus is the easiest way to save throughout the year.


Promote Payroll Plus in your workplace


Agree a date when the scheme will start


On pay day send us a file and a bank transfer with that month’s deductions


We place the funds in the members’ accounts

Read our Payroll Plus Brochure…

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