Why Supporting Your local Credit Union Is Good For your Sustainability Agenda

Hoot credit union is a community-owned, co-operative financial services provider that provides a local focus to financial well-being.

This means that we focus on serving the needs of our local community, including local employers, and share our success – our profit only with the people that use our services.

How does this help the economy?

  • Hoot members have saved over £2m between them, 4% saving for the first time
  • Those savings are used to lend at fair and affordable rates to local people
  • For every £1 we lend: £1.87 is spent in Bolton and Bury, and £2.15 in Greater Manchester, recycling our savings within our community
  • Since 2019, this equates to a £20.9m boost to the local economy

Our savers and borrowers represent a broad range of our community, so that by saving and
borrowing with Hoot, you are supporting the most financially challenged in the community, whilst
still getting an ethical, local service.

Hoot is about connecting individuals who want socially responsible finance that contributes
directly to their community and local economy.

Recycling money for the benefit of the community – what’s not to like!
To find out more about how you can help your employees or clients to benefit from Hoot go

www.wisewithmoney.org.uk or contact us at connect@wisewithmoney.org.uk

28 May 2024

Author: David Batten, CEO
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